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twin meet

Töltse le sajtóközleményt ZIP, MB Increased capacity and maximum production rates The new TwinDrive double unwind ensures a winding capacity that is up to 20 percent higher compared to the use of conventional unwinding systems.

Watch the recording The power of data lies in its value to help us understand the world around us, to predict the impact of choices that we make and, with this knowledge, to make evidence-based decisions. This makes it an essential resource to meet the objectives of the Green Deal, including those related to climate change, the circular economy, pollution, biodiversity and deforestation. Data can enable the development of environmentally friendly transport and energy systems, as well as greener and more sustainable cities.

This advantage is achieved through the additional unwind position and fully automated jumbo roll changes. With conventional systems, the winding capacity is limited due to downtimes during jumbo roll changes.

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The fully-automated process of TwinDrive eliminates these downtimes, resulting in a twin meet increase in both efficiency and productivity.

Depending on customer requirements, the paper web is connected automatically with a FlyingSplice or ButtSplice system.

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The significant time savings result in higher production rates. Depending on production conditions, considerably more jumbo rolls can be processed by the winder. This innovative system allows our partners and customers to benefit from high production társkereső kolumbia that make an important contribution to the overall efficiency of the plant. This applies to new facilities and also, in particular, to rebuilds if the existing winder is being operated at the limits of its capacity and has twin meet prevented an twin meet in production.

Matthias Wohlfahrt, Product Manager at Voith Paper Fast assembly and short installation times The new TwinDrive double unwind features short assembly and installation times.

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The system twin meet fully games megismerni 5. osztály before delivery and shipped in three large units.

This results in short assembly times on site and a fast start-up curve, which is important for new paper machines as well as for upgrading existing systems.

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With its robust and stable design, TwinDrive ensures the best winding quality and highest availability in high-performance applications.

The fully-automated process of TwinDrive eliminates downtimes during jumbo roll changes, resulting in a significant increase in both efficiency and productivity. Simplified operation and reduced number of manual operator interventions For ease of operation and maximum safety, the control concept is intuitive and operator-friendly.

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The jumbo roll change is done automatically, resulting in no need for manual operator intervention during roll change. This facilitates operation, increases work safety and reduces manual interventions at the winder to a minimum.

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Az általa kínált rendszerek, termékek, szolgáltatások és digitális alkalmazások széles választékával a Voith mércét állít az energia, az olaj és gáz, a papír, a nyersanyagok, valamint a közlekedés és járműipar terén.

Az ben alapított Voith ma Európa egyik legnagyobb családi tulajdonban lévő vállalata, amely több mint 19 alkalmazottal, 4,3 milliárd eurós árbevétellel rendelkezik, és világszerte 60 országban működik. As the full-line supplier to the paper industry, it provides the largest range of technologies, services, components and products on the market and offers paper manufacturers solutions from one single source.

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With its Servolution concept, Voith offers its customers tailored service solutions for all sections of the production process. Voith Papermaking 4.

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További hírek a divízióról Voith Paper Továbbiak betöltése.