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Safely and consistently get max power up to oldal meeting venezuela. Your devices will get the boost they deserve, every time.

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Incredibly Tough Thick. With 32 strands of premium nylon braided twice around a flexible PVC double jacket, these Lightning cables will bend more than 10, times and are 6 times stronger than normal cables.

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Reinforced Connections Enhanced stress relief joints withstand thousands of bends, bumps, twists, and shocks. Breathe easy with unrivaled durability.

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Uninterrupted Strength Meeting the American Wire Gauge AWG standard, it provides layers of protection from outside interference while ensuring consistent charges and data transfers.

Tangle Proof The smooth and textured premium nylon fabric doesn't tangle and is built to withstand the strongest stomps, twists, tugs, and stretches. Vibrant Colors Suit your style and get organized with black, gray or pink.

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The Boost Link Lightning pins are gold-plated to give you the best data transfers and charges possible. Integrated metal and plastic strengthen the Lightning connection, preventing shear and pinch damage.

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