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  • Без сомнения, для обоих наших народов будет лучше встретиться Серанис выглядела недовольной.
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  • Я видел мир совсем без жизни и мир, где жизни слишком много - и не знаю, который из них мне более неприятен.

But, I have a difference approach…. I say, give Kurds freedom to do anything they want…Too much freedom never hurt anyone…Why half of the world population is trying to immigrate to US? Turks and Kurds became more and more nationalistic and they took positions which is hard to backtrack…It takes a leader with gutts to tackle this issue.

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Leader who will have to talk to Turks openly and honestly, that continuing to try to control this militarily is an impossible task. We will have to see our Kurdish brothers as an assett to to our country rather than 2nd class citizens. We all know, we treat them as second class citizens and we are happy to leave it that way…. We need a leader who is gutsy enough to talk to Kurds openly and offer them a political solution.

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I am against for our country to be divided. Canim Turkiyem 40, Turkish lives have been lost….

Why are they doing this to us?

And you want turks know give them land? Are you normal?

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Obviously not. Get rid of the pkk from the root and there will be peace.

Turks Reconsidered: Jakab Harsányi Nagy’s Changing Image of the Ottoman

All these foreign countries are trying to bring Our beautiful Turkish nation down. But, at the te mean time, I believe majority of Kurds despise the way they are being treaded in their homeland.

Lets face it, we are nationalist and going towards facism. We have to be inclusive turks know everyone just like Ottomans did instead of excluding minorities.

Syrian refugees simmer in Turkish camps

We are a mix of nations and races, lets celebrate that instead of trying to pretend we are one pure nation. My heart goes out to all killed in this conflict.

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Kurds fought alongside of Kurds in every turks know Turkey encountered…To me, Kurds love Turkey as much as any Turk…it is their country as well…It is OK for them to identify themselves as Kurd and proud of who they are…Thats not a threat to Turkey…Turks should celebrate to be tolerant nation…As of now, we are not tolerant nation and that scares to hell out of me…I will tell you something….

Not being tolerant is the fastest ticket for Turkey to be divided. If you love your country you should promote non violant approach to this conflict…same goes for Kurds as well.

  • Их свисавшие вниз стебли и листья кишели целой фауной паукообразных тварей, которые вынужденно проводили всю жизнь, высоко паря над поверхностью планеты и продолжая на своих уединенных воздушных островах вечную борьбу за существование.
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  • Экипаж этот парил над поверхностью земли всего в нескольких дюймах, и, хотя не было ни малейших признаков направляющего стержня, Хилвар оговорился, что такие вот машины в состоянии двигаться только по определенным маршрутам.

It is time to stop killing one another…. It is time to talk….

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