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How to find information about the kernel modules installed on the system

Is there a way to stop RATS or other phishing types of attacks aimed at linux? Linux has a much smaller attack surface than Windows.

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There are linux trojans and viruses out there but they are aimed at exploiting holes in servers, such as those with an SQL database that is vulnerable.

There have also been attacks on Linux Mint with dodgy.

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Verifying the. This is one example: Or in case it's malware a script that can execute itself in your home directory without password: you'll have to make it executable first. Any script that you download, is not executable: you have to set the executable bit of the script yourself, by hand.

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That is absolutely false in various scenarios. You may have downloaded the script in an archive and the compressed script may be executable, linux know it's just wrong. I would never run a Windows system without an AV of some sort but I know I don't need one on linux because of my habits.

There was, at one point, a time when you could not connect Linux know XP to the internet without first patching it or you'd get infected within 30 seconds of connecting to the www.

I also take issue with the comments under the heading "False sense of security".

If installing an AV improves your confidence then there is no harm in installing one. It's neither here nor there if someone says it gives a false sense of security, even if it is true.

Adding a ppa or other repository to your software sources always requires that you place a level of trust in the repository.

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In all cases, it's caveat emptor. As for me, I use quite a number linux know unofficial software repositories.

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I'll trust them once, and I always have a backup. It all just requires commonsense, and what's commonsense for you may not be for someone else, but that's their problem, not yours.

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